About Us

The showroom was stablished in 2007 by founder Stephanie Teboul and is based in one of the world's fashion capitals: New York City.

We are always looking to bring unique and exclusive accessories, principally from European designers to our costumers around the United States.  

Currently distributing spring/summer and fall/winter collections

  • Vincent Pradier Paris Summer Fashion (Hats and handbags) and Winter Fashion for men and women (Gloves, Hats, Scarves, Ponchos)
  • JIJOU CAPRI Leather Handbags Made in Italy
  • IXLI Spring Fashion (Slippers) and Winter Fashion (Gloves and Slippers)
  • Complit Spring Fashion (Beach hats, Rain hats, Derby Hats) and Winter Fashion (Felt hats, Beret, Bonnet, Beanie)
  • JIJOU CAPRI Beanies and Hats